Legislation Information

2016 Regular Session

ACT 2016-385 Rescuer LODD Benefit
Effective August 1, 2016

ACT 2016-307 Opoid OD
Effective immediately

ACT 2016-394 SEMCC Bill
Effective Immediately

ACT Numbers for bills passed in 2015 Legislative Session:

ACT NUMBER 2015-161
Automated External Heart Defibrillators
To amend section 6-5-322 Code of AL,. relating to heart defibrillators.

ACT NUMBER 2015-208
Alabama Association Rescue Squads Contributions
Relating to voluntary contributions to the Alabama Association of Rescue Squads, Inc

Relating to designating September 27, 2015 As Alabama First Responders Appreciation Day.

Rescue Squad Unit Tag Information

Updated "Good Samaritan" Law

Community Service Grant Application

Community Service Grant Guidelines

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